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Who We Are

Intune Management is a Minneapolis based, integrated financial services provider that caters to the unique needs of closely held businesses and their shareholders. Corporate clients are typically regionally based and have revenues of less than $50 million dollars. Individual clients typically have assets of $500,000 to $20,000,000.

Qualifications and Prior Experience

•  35 years of financial industry and business experience
•  Hands-on experience forming, acquiring, owning, and operating corporate entities
•  Closed more than 100 financial transactions ranging in size from $500,000 to over $250 million
•  Superior investment market knowledge gained from managing more than $4 billion of assets
    held in ten publicly traded mutual funds
•  Intune maintains business relationships with many of the Midwest Regions premier
   professional service providers including:

      Accounting Firms                 Law Firms                    Investment Banks   
      Banking                               Private Equity              Non-Bank Capital   
      Investment Management       Business Consulting   

Guiding Principles

•  Trust
•  Long-Term Relationships
•  Value Added Performance
•  Accountability
•  Dependable, Timely Service
•  Attention to Detail

Intune Management Corp.