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Investment Advisory

Intune's investment advisory practice provides individually tailored financial advice and investment management that is consistent with the specific needs of high net worth individuals, corporate executives and business owners. We add value to our client's investment portfolios by taking advantage of unique situations that arise in the traditional public securities markets as well as through private securities transactions.


•   Investment Portfolio Management                             •  Asset Allocation
•   Taxation, AMT and ISO's                                         •  Risk Assessment and Management
•   Trust and Estate Planning                                        •  Wealth Preservation and Transfers

Specific Client Focus

We have chosen to focus on serving the unique needs of high net worth investors and business owners. These clients possess the skills and experience to assess and pursue investment alternatives that are not typically found in the public securities markets including private placements, distressed investments, partnerships and other special situations. They also face tax and planning issues that others do not.


Our investment advice is not biased by our firmís ownership or affiliation with any bank, insurance company or Wall Street firm.

Creative Solutions

Our product offerings, service, and investment advice are specifically tailored to each client based on their needs, tax situation and financial goals.

Investments and investment advice provided through Intune Management Corp., a Registered Investment Advisor.

Intune Management Corp.